Multi Function Calibrator Accessories

pAn accessory for a multi-function calibrator can range from a calibrator pressure pump and pressure module to rechargeable battery packs and pressure pumps. Each individual accessory is either used a replacement or kept a spare for use with a multi-function calibrator.p H2Where are Multi-Function Calibrators used?/h2 pA multi-function calibrator are available in many forms, most of them being hand-held and portable devices. They have been created to provide precision when simulating and measuring pressure, electrical signals and temperature. A multifunction calibrator used in conjunction with correct accessories has the capability to perform a multitude of applications such as simulate direct current signals including voltages, currents, pulses, frequencies, resistances and power. (some may have built-in functions, removing the need for some accessories)/p pOur range of multi-function calibrator accessories is brought to you by leading brands such as Fluke, Time Electronics, Druck and of course our trusted own brand RS Pro. Each component and each instrument has been created and designed to enhance the capability of a calibrator and ultimately provide high precision calibration and measurement./p

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