Height Gauges

Measuring tools are used to determine the height of objects or for marking of items to be worked on. Height gages are among the most versatile measuring instruments in manufacturing. They measure the distance from a reference point, usually a surface plate, to the component or product.

Height gages range from simple surface gages for measurement transfer and marking to motorise digital height gages which have a powerful data calculating tool with auto scanning functions.

Cost and accuracy are both elements to consider when selecting height gages.

Height Gages Features include:

• Very precise and reliable
• Ergonomically designed with a comfortable base and large, smooth slider feed wheel
• Available as portable rods, can be folded down for easy storage
• Made using a sturdy aluminium
• LCD display
• Digital mechanical models are lightweight and durable
• Mid to high-end height gages are incorporating motor drives into their sensing heads

Ideal for quality control inspection, workshop or production use where SPC functionality is not required.

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