Light Meter Accessories

Light meters are an essential tool for any photographers’ kit bag. They measure the amount of light and in photography this instrument is used to show the right exposure for a photograph therefore guiding the photographer to which settings their cameras and studio lights should be at. A light meter can be invaluable even outside the studio to test if there is an appropriate amount of light.
Whether checking ambient light or flash light, in a studio or outdoor in natural light, whether using incident or reflected metering, there is a wide selection of light meters and accessories available. These accessories include:
• Probes
• Cables
• Sensors

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Description Price Accessory Type For Use With
RS庫存編號 512-0777
製造零件編號0635 0545
Lux Probe 435-2/4 Series
RS庫存編號 327-6402
製造零件編號0409 0178
RS232 Cable 545 Lightmeter