Solar Power Meter

Solar power meters are small keypad devices used to measure radiated and transmitted power from solar panelsHow do they work?They work by helping you identify optimal positioning and alignment for Solar panels whether they are just being installed or readjusted. The instrument will help determine the solar power transmission percentage.Features and benefits:Wide spectral rangeLong term stabilitySelect either power or transmissionSolar energy measurementAutomatic transmission measurementsLong battery life (up to 100 hours in some models)Overload indicationsAuto power off features with data holding (power up and take off from where you left)Easy to use LCD display screens availableLightweight and compactWhere might I use one?Solar power researchTo Identify high performance opportunitiesPhysics or optical laboratoriesSolar radiation measurementAgricultureMeteorology

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RS庫存編號 729-9229
製造零件編號SL-3101 (HK)
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RS庫存編號 729-9222
製造零件編號Model 5.0 (HK)
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