pH Meters

pH meters measure the acidity or alkalinity of a water-based solution by measuring the hydrogen-ion level. They usually consist of a pH probe, a reference pH electrode and a high input impedance meter. They provide a reading of a pH value between 0 and 14, with a change of 1 unit representing a significant change in hydrogen-ion concentration.

What are the characteristics of pH meters?

pH meters work by measuring the voltage between two electrodes. pH electrodes are made from a glass composed of alkali metal ions which sense the hydrogen-ion concentration. An important characteristic is that the glass in a pH electrode changes resistance over time and alters its potential, so it needs to be regularly calibrated.

Buffer solutions have constant pH values and can be used to calibrate pH electrodes. Calibration in a pH buffer solution with a constant pH value should always start with buffer 7.0 as this is point ’zero’. They’re available as pre-mixed liquids or dry powder capsules. Replacement pH electrodes are also available.

What are the different types of pH meters?

Ideal for field use, pocket testers use LCD displays to deliver fast and accurate readings. Features include automatic buffer recognition, replaceable electrodes and long battery lives.

The portable pH meter is also handheld and lightweight, and uses Bluetooth to download information to a mobile or tablet. Multi-parameter meters are suited to industrial environments and have PC connectivity.

Bench pH meters are accurate and also available with Bluetooth technology and built-in printers. It’s easy to transfer data via Bluetooth onto a mobile or tablet, or onto a PC via a USB cable.

Test kits measure the strength of a chemical presence by the degree of colour saturation. If pale then the concentration is low, if strong then the concentration is high. Adding the reagent to the compound allows the colour to be tested against a colour chart.

Where are pH meters used?

They’re used in harsh environments, biological micro-environments, laboratory experimentation, agriculture, municipal water supplies and swimming pools, as well as quality control in the food and drink industry. For example, a beer brewing pH meter will monitor the levels in a beer mash.

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