Multimeter Cases & Holsters

A Multimeter case is the protective carry case designed to house your multimeter device.

How do they work?

Coming in different sizes and durability, the main function of the case is to protect your multimeter from excessive damage and resistance to weather and environmental factors when not in use

Different types of cases:
•Shoulder bags or carry cases – Designed for portability in mind, these types of cases feature some kind of strap and handle and are larger in size, sometimes suitable for carrying more than one device.

•Holsters – Typically these will fit on you on your work trousers, they are specifically at a size related to the device you will use so make sure you pick the one that will fit your device

•Hard cases – These cases are made from materials such as hard plastic, feature handles and are extremely safe. Very resistance to the weather and water particularly.

•Soft cases – Typically used on the go and for quick access to your device. Moderate protection from falls and water.

Features and benefits:
•Moderate shock absorption

•Water resistance

•Keep your device in one place, easy to locate

•Heavy duty cases resistance to fall damage and foam inserts protect your device from the inside

•Multiple pockets in some cases allowing you to carry more parts

•Lightweight and versatile

Where might I use one?
•At work

•For your business

•Contract work

•Electrical work

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Description Price Accessory Type For Use With Universal Dimensions Height Length Width
RS庫存編號 292-1353
Soft Case Metrahit - 175 x 210 x 75mm 75mm 175mm 210mm
RS庫存編號 611-6331
Rubber Cover & Carrying Strap Metrahit - - - - -
RS庫存編號 437-6086
Soft Case METRAmax 2, METRAmax 3, METRAmax 6 - 205 x 105 x 95mm 95mm 205mm 105mm