A tachometer, or revolution counter, measures the rotation speed of an object within a machine. The value is typically displayed in revolutions per minute (RPM) via analogue dial or digital display. Tachometers are used to measure speed of rotation and some can measure linear speed and distance too.How does it measure?Contact tachometers take measurement using physical contact, for example a funnel, wheel or tip. These instruments gather the data for the tachometer. Non-contact tachometers often use a laser or optical disc to measure and are ideal for mobile applications.Tachometers are used in:Machinery AutomotiveTrainsLaser instrumentsLaboratoriesMarine engineering Medicine (blood flow)

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Description Price Best Accuracy Category Battery Life Battery Type Display Type Dimensions Weight Height Length Maximum Operating Temperature Maximum Speed Minimum Operating Temperature Minimum Speed Model Number p
RS庫存編號 124-8481
±0.01 (Optical Measurement) %, ±1 (Contact Measurement) % Contact, Optical 24 h AAA LCD 40 x 39 x 213mm 170g 213mm 40mm +40°C 50000 (Contact Measurement) rpm, 99999 (Optical Measurement) rpm 0°C 3 (Optical Measurement)rpm TKRT 20
RS庫存編號 124-8459
±0.05 (Optical Measurement) %, ±1 (Contact Measurement) % Contact, Optical 12 h 9V LCD 60 x 42 x 160mm 160g 160mm 60mm +50°C 20000 (Contact Measurement) rpm, 99999 (Optical Measurement) rpm 0°C 2 (Contact Measurement) rpm, 3 (Optical Measurement) rpm TKRT 10