Corded Reciprocating Saws

A reciprocating saw, also known as an oscillating saw, works by using a push and pull motion of the blade to cut. The saw has a large blade and a handle orientated to allow the saw to be used on vertical surfaces.

Corded reciprocating saws are robust and easy to use and are the most efficient way of cutting through materials quickly.

Features & Benefits

They have many features which can include:
•Variable speed control

•LED lights to illuminate cutting zones

•Tool-less blade change system

•Ergonomic handle

•Anti-vibration handle

•Constant orbital action

•Fixed or Adjustable foot

•Long cords for improved reach

Common blade types for reciprocating saws include metal cutting blades and wood cutting blades, both of which have special teeth designs to saw through materials. For hard materials like tile or stone, special abrasive coated blades are available.

Where are they used?

The corded reciprocating saw is used by many people in various industries and at home as it has been designed for heavy-duty use. These areas consist of construction workers, plumbers, DIYers and emergency rescue services.

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