Electric Planers

What are Electric planers?
An electric planer is a device use for roughing wood or other coarse surfaces with the blade on the front end.
How do they work?
By applying the blade of the planer to the designated surface, you can create a smooth surface by shaving away or smoothing out bumps and other problem areas.
Features and benefits:
• Powerful motors available for even the hardest of jobs
• Cutting depth adjustments are available
• Ergonomically pleasing handles for comfort and grip
• Certain models allow use of a dust bag/extractor
• Lock-out buttons to prevent unintended starts
• Spring loaded park shoes intended to protect the surface you use it on further
• Faster than typical sanding by hand
Where might I use one?
• To remove wood chips or splints from woodwork
• DIY in your home
• In your business

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Description Price Speed Wattage Voltage Rating Plug Type
RS庫存編號 695-7151
製造零件編號GHO 16-82D
16000rpm 600W 110V BS 4343
RS庫存編號 695-7160
製造零件編號GHO 16-82D
16000rpm 600W 240V Type G - British 3-pin