Punch Sets

Punch sets are ideal for punching neat holes in a variety of materials. Whether in textiles, woodworking or metal working, a set of punch tools allows the operator to drive objects into the material, or form an impression on a work piece.
Sharp at one end, and hardened and flat at the other, a punch can be used with a hammer to achieve the desired results.
The RS range of punch sets includes several different types to suit your needs.
Centre Punch
A common type of punch with a semi blunted end. This is typically used to mark a ’centre’ for drilling in a piece. By creating a small recess for the drill bit to rest in, the drill is assured a greater chance of staying on course.
Drift Punch
Sometimes referred to as a pokey, this punch tool is often used for enlarging preciously made holes. It can also be used for aligning holes prior to bolting.
Parallel Pin Punch
A parallel pin punch is often employed to remove pins from mechanical assemblies. When a pin is too tight to remove by hand, the correctly sized parallel pin punch can be employed to drive it loose.
Spring Pin Punch
Spring pin punches are used for removing roll pins, a type of mechanical fastener. For this reason, spring pin punches are also called roll pin punches, and are specially shaped to remove roll pins without causing damage or becoming jammed.
Wad Punch
Wad punches have interchangeable heads and are used to cut accurate circles into textile materials. They can even be used on thin metal to make washers.
With shock absorbing rubber handle, this punch not only offers the user maximum safety and comfort, but also prevents clipping.

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Description Price Overall Length Shank Diameter Number of Pieces Point Angle Punch Type
RS庫存編號 772-4400
製造零件編號106 D
150 mm 10 mm 6 60° -
RS庫存編號 772-4396
175 mm - 6 - -
RS庫存編號 125-3901
- 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm 6 - Parallel Pin
RS庫存編號 772-4390
製造零件編號116 A
150 mm 10 mm 6 - -