Scalpel Handles

What are they?
Scalpels are small, sharp, hand held bladed instruments. Scalpel handles form the main body of the tool and different sized and shaped blades can be installed in the handle.
Scalpel handles allow you to easily and quickly change the blade that is being used. This enables damaged or blunt blades to be swapped effortlessly, or more suitable blades to be used for specific applications.
What are scalpels used for?
Scalpels are a precise cutting tool. They are typically used in medical and surgical applications, but are increasingly used in crafting, prototyping and model making. Sometimes they are referred to as ’hobby knives’.
What are scalpel handles made from?
Scalpel handles are most typically made from stainless steel, although some scalpel handles are made from acrylic. Stainless steel is commonly used because it is durable and can be sterilised for medical purposes. Some scalpel handles are knurled which prevents the blade from slipping or twisting in your hand.
What blades can you use with your scalpel handle?
Blades are available in different sizes, shapes and thicknesses, although there are various standard sizes. When choosing the right blade for your handle, you must consider the intended application of the scalpel. You should also bear in mind that not every blade fits into every handle.

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