Bench Grinders

Bench grinders are attached to a workbench for grinding work. They an essential tool in many woodworking and engineering workplaces. Whether sharpening tools or shaping metal, our bench grinders can hone and grind for both light and heavy duty purposes.With options available for both fine and coarse grinding, our bench grinders have a heavy solid base to ensure a secure and safe attachment to your bench. With the tool firmly secured, its abrasive grinding wheels can be employed to smooth and shape metal. In some cases the grinding wheels can be exchanged for buffing wheels, for polishing purposes.Bench grinders are available with various wheel diameters and speed options to suit different uses.

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Description Price Grinding Wheel Bore Grinding Wheel Diameter Speed Motor Wattage Model Number Plug Type Voltage Rating
RS庫存編號 250-1735
16mm 200mm 3200rpm 560W BG200XL Type G - British 230V ac
RS庫存編號 250-1729
32mm 150mm 2850rpm 375W BG150XL Type G - British 230V ac