Spring Hooks

A spring hook is a useful tool for pulling or pushing springs into position. A spring hook consists of a thin stainless steel shaft terminated on one or both ends with hooks for attaching or removing springs. Unlike pliers or tweezers, spring hooks do not cause damage to the springs when used.
Types of Spring Hook
• Single Ended Spring Hooks
These spring hooks are terminated one end and are either push spring hooks or pull spring hooks. The push spring hooks are used for positioning and pushing springs into position and the pull spring hooks are used for removing or retracting springs. These spring hooks have a plastic handle the other end for a secure grip.
• Push/Pull Spring Hooks
These spring hooks are double ended and have a hook one end called a pusher hook to position a spring. One the other end is a retracting hook which is used to retract or remove a spring. Push/Pull spring hooks have a knurled or insulated plastic grip in the middle for easy and secure handling
What is a Spring Hook used for?
Spring hooks are used for pushing or pulling springs into position in restricted areas that fingers can’t access. Other uses of spring hooks include directing or retrieving wiring, retrieval of small parts in restrictive areas and removing O-Rings. Spring hooks are often used by electronics engineers, jewellery makers and model makers
Selection of Spring Hooks
Spring hooks are available with different pulling capacities with heavy-duty spring hooks having the highest capacity. Spring hooks are also available in different lengths and some can be extended in length by using extension pieces.

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Description Price Length Overall Length Pulling Capacity Number Of Pieces Number of Pieces
RS庫存編號 136-9859
整套:1 個
- 100 mm - - -
RS庫存編號 619-200
整套:1 個
100mm 380 mm 5kg - 8
RS庫存編號 405-3294
250mm 380 mm 30kg 1 -