Drill Bit Sets

Always having the right size bit for the job is a key factor in ensuring the highest standard of work. Whether you are drilling wood, masonry, acrylic, metal or any number of other materials, having the drill bit for the job will give you the ability to drill with confidence and accuracy.

Beyond material compatibility, drill bit sets can be made up of many types of bits. From standard High Speed Steel (HSS) Jobber type bits to Forstner wood boring bits, the variety of bit depends on the job at hand. Some drill bit sets will offer a mix of bit type to cover all types of job from wood and metal through to masonry, with some also including more specific bit types such as spade wood bit or countersinks.

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Description Price Set Type Minimum Size Maximum Size Material Number of Pieces Set Contents
RS庫存編號 511-9698
製造零件編號EBP SET 5
整套:1 個
Wood Drill Set 4mm 10mm HSS 5 Wood Drill Bits