Heat Gun Accessories

Depending on the task you're using your heat gun for, with the right heat gun accessories you can ensure optimum performance. Heat gun accessories are used for a wide range of applications such as stripping paint, welding plastic and desoldering.

Types of heat gun accessories

The maximum temperature required for a job will determine the heat gun accessories you select. There are a variety of different nozzles that control air flow and direct it to different places. These let you spread hot air over a large area or deflect heat away from sensitive materials. Reflector nozzles are used for soldering and for use when working with heat-shrinkable tubing. Different blades exist for short-term or long-term use and are specifically designed for small- or large-volume jobs. 

Choosing the right heat gun accessories

There are various parameters that should be considered when choosing the right heat gun accessories for your heat gun. These include maximum operating temperature, supported wattage and the size of area you're working on. 

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