Desoldering Tweezers

Desoldering tweezers are desoldering tools with two heated tips, like a tweezer, which are used to desolder (remove solder) from electronic components. They can be used to separate components and undo a bad solder job if you've made a mistake.

How do desoldering tweezers work?

Desoldering tweezers combine the squeezing action of mechanical tweezers with a heating action. This allows you to grip small electronic devices while simultaneously heating them for desoldering. They provide a fast and efficient method for desoldering electronic components such as fixed resistors.

Desoldering tweezers are useful because they heat are able to heat precise spots without affecting the surrounding components. They melt the filler metal alloy (solder) in the joint and break the permanent connection between the electronic components.

Types of desoldering tweezers

Choose from designs already complete with soldering iron tips or from models without tips, which can be purchased separately. Some models of desoldering tweezers come with a stand - when you place the tweezers in the stand the device automatically switches the unit off, extending tip life and helping to protect against accident and injury.

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