Soldering Iron Kits

What are soldering irons?Soldering irons are hand held tools that are used to melt solder. They are normally constructed from an insulated handle (that protects the user) and a heated metal tip. The heated tip melts the solder, allowing it to flow between two workpieces. This ensures a permanent connection between different electronic components.What are soldering iron kits?Soldering iron kits contain a soldering iron and a range of different accessories. Some kits contain a small number of pieces while others offer a complete solution with the kit containing a comprehensive range of accessories and additional tools.Kits can include (but are not limited to) any combination of the below:
  • Solder
  • Different nozzles
  • Cleaning sponges
  • Safety accessories
  • Hot Cutting Knives
  • Desoldering pumps
Who uses soldering iron kits?Soldering iron kits are normally used in electronics assembly, small repairs and installation. Soldering irons are handheld tools, so arent usually used within industrial applications or large scale production lines.

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RS庫存編號 182-3821
整套:1 個
Double Sharp Tip, Hot Air Blower, Hot Air Deflector Tip, Protection Cap, Safety Stand, Soldering Head, Tip-Cleaning Sponge, 2.4mm Soldering Tip - - - - +1300 (Torch)°C - Gas -