Torx Keys & Sets

Torx keys are similar to screwdrivers but are used for Torx screws which have a star shaped recess with 6 points. They were originally designed by Camcar Textron and Torx is a trademark but has become known as this rather than the generic name of "hexalobular internal".
The Torz head was originally designed to prevent cam-out, that is, the key slipping out of the screw. Cam-outs often cause damage to the screw head or workpiece so Torx is becoming increasingly popular in the electronics and automotive industries.
Torx Keys are available in a number of different sizes or as a set of keys in different sizes from T1 to T100 but sizes T5 to T40 are the most common.
Torx key shapes
• L-shaped
• T-shaped
• Straight
Torx bits are also available which can be used in electric screwdrivers and drivers.

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1 T20 L Long Chrome Vanadium Steel Phosphate - -