Die Sets

What are Die Sets?We offer a range of Die Sets. These products are used for cutting new threads.How do they work?Using a simple method of securing rod in a vice, apply a little cutting paste then place the die onto the rod and rotate clockwise with a die handle. Each full turn cuts a new thread onto the rod.What are the key features? Various sizes Compatible with die nut handle No engineering experience neededWhat different types are there? Portable Threading Machine Pocket Sets Standard Die SetsWhich application would you use it? Electrical & Industrial Servicing Automotive Workshops

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Description Price Kit Type Thread Size Range Kit Contents Largest Thread Size Smallest Thread Size
RS庫存編號 499-346
整套:1 個
Die Set M3 → M12 Cutting Dies: M4, M10, M12, M5, M6, M8, 25 x 9 Cutting Die Holder M12 M3