Arc Welder Accessories

Arc welder accessories are used with arc welders and invertersto help make arc welding safer, easier and more efficient. Arc welding is a type of welding that joins metal to metal by using electricity to create the heat required to melt metal. When the melted metals cool the result is a very strong binding.

Arc welding applications

Arc welding accessories are used in a wide range of applications including fabrication, general repairs, auto repairs and general on-site welding.

Types of arc welder accessories

Choose from arc welder accessories, including:

  • Magnetic holders, earth clamps and holder clamps - these allow you to securely position and fix your materials during welding.
  • Electrode holders - designed to mechanically hold a welding electrode in position.
  • Electrodes - used to conduct current through a work piece to fuse two pieces together. There are sold in packs of ten.
  • Welder's hammers - used for removing any excess welding splatter.

Note: It's recommended that you wear safety goggles when arc welding.

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