STMicroelectronics, STG719STR


The STG719 is a high-speed SPDT (single pole double throw) switch fabricated in silicon gate C2MOS technology. It is designed to operate from 1.8 V to 5.5 V, making this device ideal for portable applications, audio signal routing, video switching, mobile, and communication systems. It offers 4 Ω ON-resistance max at 5 V, 25 °C and very low ON-resistance flatness. Additional key features include a fast switching speed (tON = 7 ns and tOFF = 4.5 ns), break before make delay time, and low power consumption. All inputs and outputs are equipped with protection circuits against static discharge, giving them ESD immunity and transient excess voltage. It is available in the commercial and extended temperature range.

High speed:
tPD = 0.3 ns (typ.) at VCC = 5 V
tPD = 0.4 ns (typ.) at VCC = 3.3 V
Low power dissipation:
ICC = 1 μA (max.) at TA = 25 °C
Low "ON" resistance:
RON = 4 Ω (max. TA = 25 °C) at VCC = 5 V
RON = 6 Ω (typ.) at VCC = 3 V
Wide operating voltage range:
VCC (opr) = 1.8 V to 5.5 V single supply

Attribute Value
Number of Quadrants 1
Output Type Single Ended
Number of Elements per Chip 1
Maximum Operating Frequency 10 MHz
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package Type SOT-23
Pin Count 6
Height 1.3mm
Length 3mm
Width 1.75mm
Maximum Operating Temperature +125 °C
Minimum Operating Temperature -55 °C
Dimensions 3 x 1.75 x 1.3mm
3000 現貨庫存,可於3工作日發貨。
單價 個 (在毎卷:3000)
HK$ 1.822
Per unit
Per Reel*
3000 - 6000
9000 - 21000
24000 +
* 參考價格