RS PRO AM-4204 Anemometer, 20m/s Max Air Velocity

  • RS庫存編號 327-0640
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): TW

RS PRO AM4204 Hot-Wire Anemometer

From the trusted RS PRO brand, a hot-wire anemometer designed for measuring air velocity and air temperature. The handheld digital meter provides fast, accurate readings without compromising on quality or performance. With a lightweight and tough ABS enclosure, the RS PRO AM4024 anemometer is ideal for service technicians, HVAC installers, building consultants and engineers.

Compact in design, the RS PRO anemometer utilises a combination of hot-wire and thermistor technology to deliver rapid and precise measurements, even at low speeds. The integral Microprocessor circuitry assures absolute maximum regularity. Featuring a telescopic probe with a glass bead thermistor in the sensing tip, the probe can easily be extended for applications where measuring space is limited.

An easy to navigate keypad and clear control buttons make the RS PRO thermal anemometer remarkably easy to use. With a dual function display, no need to select between air velocity and temperature as the AM4204 can read air velocity and temperature simultaneously. Simply select the required mode to be measured minimum or maximum and the unit of measurement to be displayed. For Velocity m/s km/h ft/min knots MPH or for temperature °C or °F. All measurements are clearly shown on the large LCD screen. With the added RS232 output feature, results can easily be stored and downloaded to a PC for later analysis.

Features and Benefits

• Slim probe, ideal for grills and diffusers
• Slide up sensor cover for added protection
• Combination of hot-wire and thermistor sensors deliver rapid and precise measurements, even at low velocity
• A large, easy to read LCD display with a dual function, read air velocity and temp simultaneously
• Heavy duty ABS compact case
• Records max and min readings with recall
• Data hold function
• RS 232 PC serial interface
• Portable, fast accurate readings, the convenience of a remote probe
• Built-in °C & °F
• Auto OFF


Hot-wire anemometers are the ideal instrument for engineers and technicians looking to carry out tests and surveys on ventilation, air conditioning equipment. They are used to measure airflow and temperature quickly and accurately. The information and data they provide are vital in a wide range of applications and environments. They are essential for reporting, forecasting, planning and most importantly health and safety. Some of the more common applications are

• Environmental testing
• Air conveyors
• Clean rooms
• Air balancing
• Fans /motors/ blowers
• Furnace velocity
• Paint spray booths
• HVAC system performance


Q - Is there a recommended replacement battery?
A - Yes, the RS PRO Digital anemometer uses 1.5v AAA x6 batteries for its power supply. See RS part number 744-2209

Supplied with

sturdy plastic case complete with instructions.

Attribute Value
Measurement Parameters Air Velocity
Maximum Air Velocity 20m/s
Best Air Velocity Accuracy ±5 %
Air Velocity Resolution 0.1m/s
Probe Type Hotwire
Temperature Measurement Resolution 0.1°C
Best Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±0.8 °C
Power Source Battery
Battery Type AAA x 6
Dimensions 180 x 72 x 32mm
Weight 355g
Height 32mm
Model Number p AM-4204
Width 72mm
Length 180mm
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