SKF TMMA 60 Hydraulic Bearing Puller, 36 → 150 mm capacity

  • RS庫存編號 612-5688
  • 製造零件編號 TMMA 60
  • 製造商 SKF

SKF EasyPull TMMA Series

Equipped with spring-operated arms and a solid design, the patented SKF EasyPull is one of the most user-friendly and safe tools on the market. Ergonomically designed, the spring-operated arms enable the positioning of the puller behind the component with just one movement.

Features and Benefits

Hydraulic Pullers TMMA..H Series

• Integrated hydraulic cylinder, pump and puller, which is ready to use.
• Safety valve to prevent spindles and pullers from getting overloaded
• Easy centring of the puller with the spring loaded centre point
• The TMMA 75H with a maximum stroke of 75 mm
• Supplied with extension pieces and one nose piece

Mechanical Pullers TMMA Series

• Sturdy design allows dismounting of components in tight applications safely
• Unique red rings spring-operated opening mechanism allowing the puller to be placed behind the component easily
• Self locking arms reduce the risk of the puller slipping under load
• Double hexagonal heads allow easier application of withdrawal force
• Self-centring capability and nose piece help avoid damage to shaft

Bearing Mounting, Dismounting and Inspection Tools

Bearing tools help maintain maximum bearing service life and help to optimise machine performance. In addition, bearing tools contribute to the overall safety and performance of a system. A range of bearing tools are available from SKF that include bearing pullers, bearing mounting and dismounting tools, bearing heaters, manual and automatic bearing lubricators, inspection equipment including bearing electrical discharge detectors, stroboscopes, alignment tools, protection blankets, infrared thermometers, and shim kits. Certain bearing tools are available in kit form.

Attribute Value
Capacity 36 → 150 mm
Puller Type Bearing Puller
Operation Hydraulic
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