Facom U.232J2 Gear Bearing Puller, 30 → 60 mm, 60 → 122 mm capacity, 2 pieces

  • RS庫存編號 669-8206
  • 製造零件編號 U.232J2
  • 製造商 Facom
COO (Country of Origin): IT

Facom U.232J2 Set of 2 Bearing Pullers

Introducing the professional Bearing Pullers from Facom (U.232J2). These two-claws pullers have been designed with the most demanding application in mind and made from the highest quality materials to ensure safety and high performance. Simple design makes these bearing pullers easy and comfortable to use.

Features and Benefits:

• Made from the highest quality materials to ensure that they do not break when they are in operation
• The legs are designed to cantilever during pulling, blocking them in place and preventing
them sliding along the beam.
• A spring-loaded pin at the end of the beam prevents the legs sliding off.
• Legs changed from inside grip to outside grip configuration simply by pressing the pin. No need for tools.
• Anti-rotation the system ensures safe and precise operation
• Wrench-tightened hexagonal lock-nut
• Reversible for internal and external grip
• Two claws design

Typical Application:

Dependant on the size of the puller, an application can vary dramatically, ranging from the transmission to complicated industry machinery. One of the main uses of a bearing puller in within a car, removing a caged set of ball and tapered bearings from a rotary shaft.

Different types of bearing pullers will depend on the application they are used for:
• Hydraulic pullers are designed to pull any bearing, belt pulley, gear, round wheel or other
tightened part used within the machinery industry.
• Strong back pullers are used for easy insertion between bearing and shoulders on a shaft,
featuring a spring-operated centre point and a safety valve, minimising puller overload.
• Heavy-duty jaw pullers are considered the most versatile, they offer easy and effective
dismount of bearings. Jaws are commonly used in industrial and commercial environments.
• Internal bearing pullers can be used for removing grooved ball bearings efficiently from
shafts and cases without dismounting a bearing.


What do I get in the set?
The Pullers Set contains 2 pullers:
• U.232-65: for small applications where access is difficult, capacity from 30 → 60 mm.
• U.232-130: for more common capacities, capacity from 60 → 122 mm.

Can legs be replaced? 
Yes, legs are replaceable and are available separately. Manufacturer Part Numbers are:
• U.232G1 - 100mm (length)
• U.232G2 - 155mm (length)
• U.232G3 - 225mm (length)
• U.232G4 - 303mm (length)

For further information please, see Pullers Catalogue attached above.

Attribute Value
Capacity 30 → 60 mm, 60 → 122 mm
Puller Type Bearing Puller
Operation Gear
Number of Pieces 2
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11 在3 工作日內發貨 (海外庫存)
單價 個
原價 HK$1,619.60
HK$ 1,198.51
Per unit
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