1, 3 Phase Brake Module, 2 kW, 7.5 kW, 400 V ac

  • RS庫存編號 806-5279
  • 製造零件編號 BA9034N 25A AC50/60Hz 400V 2-11s
  • 製造商 Dold
COO (Country of Origin): DE

Dold Motor Brake Relay

The BA9034N incorporates automatic standstill monitoring alongside a contactor connected to the DC relay output. Motor restart while DC braking current injection can be avoided thanks to an inter-lock contact & built in safety brake.
Asynchronous motor brake relays are suitable for a variety of both single & three phase motors. A potentiometer allows for adjustment of the braking current scaled from 10-100%, accompanied by an integrated current limit which scales to the current % setting

Suitable for both single & three phase asynchronous motors
Automatic standstill detection
Integrated braking contactor
Easily fitted into existing installations as well as new applications
Microcontroller enabled

Benefits of the BA9034N
Cost effective
No need to monitor current
Compact design
High level of safety & more economic thanks to short stop cycles

DC Brake Modules

A powerbrake unit is used where fast, efficient and predictable stopping of a machine in the shortest possible time is required. Using the d.c. injection method, it provides a controlled deceleration to a stop, by injecting a d.c. current into two of the motor terminals and neutralising the rotating magnetic field in the motor after the 3 phase supply has been disconnected. This stops the motor coasting to a halt and reduces the delay time by this enforced braking. They can be used with a standard 3 phase induction motor. The unit may be located on a piece of machinery or adjacent to it, with little disruption or modification required to the existing wiring. The Powerbrake units provide a simple cost-effective solution to motor braking, which is maintenance and wear-free.,Brake Module - For a brake unit, all the control wiring has to be supplied and installed by the customer, including interlocked contactors and pushbuttons.,Production Brakes - Enclosed brakes with all control wiring included, optional DOL starter built in Injects DC on EVERY stop.,Critical Brake - Enclosed brake with contactors built in. Must be used with existing starter, also AC must pass through the unit so that it can be isolated before DC is injected. Only injects DC when E-stop activated.

Attribute Value
Phase 1, 3
Starter Included Yes
Power Rating 2 kW, 7.5 kW
Supply Voltage 400 V ac
Enclosure Size 45 x 73 x 122mm
IP Rating IP20, IP40
Enclosure Length 45mm
Enclosure Width 73mm
Enclosure Depth 122mm
Minimum Operating Temperature 0°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +45°C
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