Infineon DDB6U144N16RBOSA1, 3-phase Bridge Rectifier Module, 144A 1600V, 17-Pin

  • RS庫存編號 839-1118
  • 製造零件編號 DDB6U144N16RBOSA1
  • 製造商 Infineon

3-Phase Bridge Rectifier Module, DDB6U Series, Infineon

The Infineon Three Phase Bridge Rectifiers Eupec™ EconoBRIDGE™ and EasyBRIDGE have a solder pin assembly and the eupec™ IsoPACK™ series has screw load terminals. The rectifier module range supports Diode Bridges and bridges with Brake Chopper as well as brake chopper and NTC resistor versions. This compact converter will cover 25A to 205A at 1600 volts.

Diode Bridge modules:
EasyBRIDGE 750

IsoPACK™ Module with screwable power terminals

Bridge Rectifiers - Infineon

A Bridge Rectifier is a diode common application, known for converting an Alternating Current (AC) input into Direct Current a (DC) output. A diode bridge is an arrangement of four diodes in a bridge circuit configuration that provides the same polarity of output for either polarity of input.

Attribute Value
Bridge Type Three Phase
Peak Average Forward Current 144A
Peak Reverse Repetitive Voltage 1600V
Mounting Type PCB Mount
Pin Count 17
Configuration Single
Peak Non-Repetitive Forward Surge Current 1.2kA
Maximum Operating Temperature +150 °C
Minimum Operating Temperature -40 °C
Peak Forward Voltage 1.65V
Peak Reverse Current 5mA
Length 107.5mm
Dimensions 107.5 x 45 x 17mm
Width 45mm
Height 17mm