RS PRO 3.6V NiMH Rechargeable Button Batteries, 160mAh

  • RS庫存編號 525-792
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): CN

Rechargeable Ni-MH Button Cells

Rechargeable Ni-MH Button Cells are widely used for communication, Siren, Small intelligent household application, instrument and Various IC Circuit.,CELL AND TYPE, Cell: Sealed Ni-MH Button Cell

Features and Benefits.

Never short-circuit or reverse polarity in application
Avoid throwing cells into a fire or attempting to disassemble them.
This is not safety : use the cell without the specified working temperature range, charge and discharge with more than our specified current.
Do not mix batteries with metal objects during storage or transportation to avoid accidental short-circuit
Button type
Normal Charging, Standard charge: 0.1C for 16h
Temperature range for operation (Humidity: 65% ±20%, Max.85%)
Standard charge 0 → +35 °C
Rapid charge +10 → +35 °C
Trickle charge 0 → +35 °C
Discharge -10 → +35 °C
Temperature range for storage (Humidity: 65% ±20%, Max.85%)
Within 2 years -20 → +35 °C, Within 6 months -20 → +45 °C, Within a month -20 → +50 °C, Within a week -20 → +55 °C

Typical Applications.

• Siren.
• Small intelligent household applications.
• Instrument and various IC Circuit.

RS PRO NiMH Button / Coin Cell Batteries Available.

• Stock number 525792, 3.6 V, 160mAh, size 18 x 24 x 15.5 mm, weight 18g.
• Stock number 525798, 3.6 V, 20mAh, size 10 x 12 x 5 mm, weight 5.1g.
• Stock number 525811, 4.8 V, 160mAh, size 24 x 25 x 15.5 mm, weight 24g.
• Stock number 525815, 6 V, 330mAh, size 46 x 25.5 x 5 mm, weight 75g.
• Stock number 525837, 2.4 V, 80mAh, size 13 x 15.5 x 5 mm, weight 7g.
• Stock number 525843, 3.6 V, 80mAh, size 19.5 x 15.5 5 mm, weight 10.5g.
• Stock number 525849, 2.4 V, 160mAh, size 12 x 24 x 16 mm, weight 12g.


Can I mix old and new batteries?

It is recommended to replace all batteries at the same time avoiding mixing old and new batteries. Mixing batteries can affect the optimum performance of devices and may cause leakage.

How do you dispose of coin / button batteries?

Batteries should not be thrown away with regular rubbish, if they contact other pieces of metal or other batteries it can be dangerous. Take the batteries to a collection site for household hazardous waste. For added safety cover the positive and negative terminals with duct tape or electrical tape before disposing of batteries.

Safety Advice.

Coin / button batteries must be kept out of reach of children. If swallowed contact a doctor immediately.

Attribute Value
Nominal Voltage 3.6V
Capacity 160mAh
Chemistry NiMH
Terminal Type PCB Pin
Mounting Orientation Vertical
Operating Temperature Range -20 +35°C
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