JLP Clip On Cable Marking Kit PLIO®-CLIP, 3.6 → 6mm, 512 Markers

  • RS庫存編號 204-7146
  • 製造零件編號 737 312
  • 製造商 JLP
COO (Country of Origin): FR

Plio-clip® Markers

For terminated and unterminated cables and wires, Plio-clip® markers can be fitted quickly without any tools.

Featuring a locking system equivalent to closed rings, two sizes can also be fitted top to tail to mark oblong or flat cables and wires larger than 6 mm². Designed to be durable these polyamide markers have V2 UL94 flame resistance rating with a -30° to 100°C operating temperature.

Kit Contents:

These markers can be fitted quickly without tools at any point in the wiring process, and feature a locking system equivalent to closed rings.
Two sizes, to cover a range of wires from 0.5 mm2 → 6 mm2 (Ø 2.2 → 6 mm). Can be fitted top-to-tail to mark wires larger than 6 mm2 and oblong or flat cables.
This case is suitable for use in workshops or on site and contains an assortment of 6208 markers in strips of 32 markers.
Kit contents: 7 strips for every digit from 0 → 9, and 2 strips of each of the symbols +, –, earth and alternating sign, for 36 and 60 series. 3 strips of each of the letters A, B, U, V, W and 2 strips of C and D, for 36 and 60 series.
Refill kits are available separately, including:
- kit A: 2 strips of each digit from 0 → 3 and 1 strip of each digit from 4 → 9 and + and – symbols
- kit B: 1 strip of each letter from A → M, earth and alternating symbols, and one unmarked strip
- kit C: 1 strip of each letter from N → Z and of each symbol /, . and one unmarked strip.

Frequently asked questions:

How do you use cable markers?
Specifically designed for identifying cables, cable markers are essential in conduit and bundles. They not only assist engineers and technicians with identifying wires or cables, but they also assist with health, safety and effective maintenance.

How you use a cable marker can vary, as their method of application can differ. Adhesive and self-laminating are generally used for terminated wires, they wrap around the wire with a clear protective layer. Clip and slide on labelling are generally colour coded or pre-printed with letters, numbers and symbols. The single characters can also be combined to create a legend. Some are straight, some are chevron shaped. Whilst slide on markers need to be applied pre-termination, clip-on can be applied after termination. Heat shrink, shrunk to fit the cable are flexible, durable and do not fall off. Tie on tags or markers can generally be used on larger bundles.
RS offers a large range of cable ties, markers, labels and kits.

Attribute Value
Affixing Method Clip On
Quantity 512
Kit Includes Cable Markers
Cable Diameter Range 3.6 → 6mm
Legend A to M, Earth, Live, Plain
Marker Colours Yellow
Material Polyamide 6.6
Minimum Cable Diameter 3.6mm
Maximum Cable Diameter 6mm
Fire Behaviour Self-extinguishing
單價 個
HK$ 329.47
Per unit
1 - 14
15 - 49
50 +