RS PRO 11 mm Automatic Punch, 95 mm

  • RS庫存編號 517-8372
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): DE

RS PRO Automatic Centre Punches

Introducing automatic centre punches from RS PRO, a selection of high quality hand tools ideal for self striking centre punches with precision in a variety of materials such as metal. RS PRO automatic punches are manufactured from steel with a nickel plated surface providing excellent durability and corrosion resistance. The punch features interchangeable hardened tips, allowing you to attach various size tips depending on the application. RS PRO automatic punches are self striking, meaning a hammer or mallet is not required. The punch incorporates a freely adjustable impact force, providing flexibility and high precision.

RS PRO Replacement heads

Ideal as a replacement head for RS PRO automatic centre punches when they become blunt, also available in various sizes to suit a range of applications.

Features and benefits

• Self striking, requiring no hammer or mallet
• Free-cutting steel with nickel plated surface for enhanced durability
• Interchangeable hardened tips to accommodate a variety of applications
• Adjustable impact force offering flexibility and precision
• Available in a variety of sizes


Automatic centre punches are a type of hand tool ideal for creating dimples and dents in a piece of material prior to cutting. They work similar to ordinary centre punches; however, they feature a self striking mechanism eliminating the need for a hammer or mallet. Automatic centre punches are commonly used by:

• Carpenters
• Plumbers
• Electricians
• Engineers
• DIY enthusiasts


What sizes are available?

RS PRO automatic punches are available in the following sizes:

517-8372 - 11 mm shank diameter, 95 mm length
460-9544 - 14 mm shank diameter, 125 mm length
460-9550 - 17 mm shank diameter, 130 mm length

What interchangeable heads are available?

521-5364 - 3.5 mm shank diameter, 35 mm length
473-0676 - 4 mm shank diameter, 35 mm length
473-0682 - 4 mm shank diameter, 35 mm length

Does this require batteries?

RS PRO automatic centre punches do not require batteries as they operate via a spring-loaded mechanism.

Attribute Value
Overall Length 95 mm
Shank Diameter 11 mm
Punch Type Automatic
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單價 個
HK$ 185.79
Per unit
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