ST-LINK/V2 In-Circuit Debugger/Programm.


The STMicroelectronics ST-LINK/V2-ISOL is an in-circuit debugger and programmer for the STM8 and STM32 range of microcontrollers. The ST-LINK/V2-ISOL features digital isolation between the PC and board.
The ST-LINK/V2-ISOL comes with a USB A to mini B cable which plugs directly into your PC and provides power to the module. This device communicates with the STM8 and STM32 MCUs via an application board. This is done via the SWIM (single wire interface module) and JTAG/SWD (serial wire debugging) interfaces.

• 5V power via USB
• DFU (Direct Firmware Update) feature
• LED indicator when connected to your PC
• Operating temperature: 0 to +50 °C
• High isolation voltage: 2500 VRMS

SWIM Features:
• 1.65 to 5.5 V
• SWIM low-speed and high-speed modes supported
• Programming speed: 9.7 Kbytes/s (low speed) and 12.8 Kbytes/s (high speed)
• SWIM cable for connection to the application via an ERNI standard vertical connector (ref: 284697 or 214017) or horizontal connector (ref: 214012)
• SWIM cable for connection to the application via a pin header or a 2.54mm pitch connector

JTAG/SWD Features:
• 1.65 to 3.6 V
• 5 V tolerant inputs
• JTAG cable for connection to a standard JTAG 20-pin pitch 2.54 mm connector
• JTAG supported
• SWD and serial wire viewer (SWV) communication supported

Versions Available:
(880-1599) ST-LINK/V2-ISOL - with digital isolation
(714-1707) ST-LINK/V2

STM32 Software Development Tools and In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer

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For Use With STM8 & STM32 MCUs
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