Schneider Electric, Acti 9, 63 A POWERTAG, 1 VA, Wireless

COO (Country of Origin): FR

Acti9 PowerTag Energy Sensor

The Acti 9 Smartlink system is used to monitor the final distribution boards to any supervision system.
Modular Acti 9 devices in the Acti 9 Smartlink system are used to monitor, and measure the electrical distribution boards via a Modbus TCP/IP communication network.
The Acti 9 Smartlink system collects the data from electrical distribution boards in real time, thus contributing to achieve efficiency targets or monitoring final loads.

The system consists of:

Acti 9 Smart Link SI D.
PowerTag energy sensors (A9MEM1520, A9MEM1521, A9MEM1522, A9MEM1540, A9MEM1541 and A9MEM1542) are the wireless devices that are directly mounted on a circuit breaker and are connected to Acti 9 Smartlink SI D through wireless communication. The circuit breaker auxiliary allows you to monitor the devices and collects not only energy, but also power and alarm events on the voltage loss. PowerTag energy sensors are mounted upstream or downstream of Acti 9 circuit breaker or Multi 9 circuit breaker.
Pre-wired cables.

The system offers the following advantages and services:

Calculation functions
Telemetering applications
Monitor load unbalance
Monitor power and voltage loss
Energy management and regulations

Acti 9 Smartlink SI D is a wireless connection to Modbus TCP/IP concentrator.

Attribute Value
Range Acti 9
Supply Voltage 415V ac
Current Rating 63A
Power Consumption 1VA
Wired/Wireless Wireless
IP Rating IP20
Mounting Type Plug-On Mount
Minimum Operating Temperature -25°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +60°C
Height 16.5mm
Width 54mm
Depth 42.6mm
For Use With Acti 9 iC65, Acti 9 iID, Acti 9 iID K, Acti 9 iK60, Acti 9 iKQ, Acti 9 iKQE RCBO, Acti 9 K60, Acti 9 Reflex iC60, Acti 9 Single Terminal iC60, Multi 9 C32N, Multi 9 C60, Multi 9 C65, Multi 9 ID
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