7A Black, Green, Red, White, Yellow Test lead, 300V Rating - 0.3m Length

COO (Country of Origin): CN

Mueller Insulated Alligator Lead Set

Mueller Insulated Alligator Lead sets are 22 AWG copper wire with a high temperature PVC insulation. The pre-terminated alligator clip is nickel-plated steel and allows for hands free testing at 300 volts.

Mueller Electric Heavy Duty, General Purpose, Crocodile and Alligator Clips

A concise offering of steel and copper alligator and crocodile clips from Mueller suitable for applications including grounding clips, test meters clips, battery terminal connection and many others that require a durable and hardwearing alligator or crocodile clip.

Attribute Value
Voltage Rating 300V
Current Rating 7A
Colour Black, Green, Red, White, Yellow
Lead Length 0.3m
Wire Gauge 22AWG
Contact Material Steel
Insulation Material PVC
Secondary Connector Type Alligator Clip
Connector A Shrouded Yes
Connector B Orientation Straight
Connector B Shrouded Yes
Maximum Operating Temperature +105°C
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