ON Semiconductor NB6N239SMNEVB, Clock Divider Evaluation Board for NB6N239SMNG


The NB6N239SMN Evaluation Board was designed to provide a flexible and convenient platform to quickly evaluate, characterize and verify the performance and operation of the NB6N239S. The user's manual provides detailed information on board contents, layout and its use. It should be used in conjunction with the NB6N239S data sheet. The NB6N239S is a differential Receiver to differential LVDS Clock Divider. The board features Output Enable control of the Outputs.

Accommodates the electrical characterization of the NB6N239SMN
Selectable Jumper for the VT pin, minimizing cabling
CLK/CLK input and QA/QA and QB/QB output pins are accessed via SMA connectors
MR, EN and Clock Divide Select pins are accessed via SMA connectors or by the logic switches
Convenient and Compact Board Layout
3.3 V Power Supply Operating Range

Attribute Value
Clock/Timer Function Clock Divider
Kit Classification Evaluation Board
Featured Device NB6N239SMNG
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