TLV1701AIDBVT Texas Instruments, Comparator, Open Collector O/P, 2.2 → 36 V 5-Pin SOT-23


TLV series Low Voltage Comparators

Comparators, Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments’ range of voltage comparators includes not only conventional single, dual and quad comparator packages but also window comparators and over- & under-voltage supervisors.

Although comparators and operational amplifiers are superficially similar devices their operation in practical applications is very different. Op amps are intended for linear operation accompanied by suitable feedback whereas comparators are tailored for rapid switching and generally operated in open-loop mode. Dedicated voltage comparators have significantly shorter propagation delays and are capable of faster response times under saturated conditions. Most comparators are also more tolerant of high differential input voltages and many have open-collector outputs allowing parallel operation with other devices.

Attribute Value
Comparator Type Low Power
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package Type SOT-23
Power Supply Type Dual, Single
Output Type Open Collector
Number of Channels per Chip 1
Pin Count 5
Typical Single Supply Voltage 2.2 → 36 V
Dimensions 3.05 x 1.75 x 1.3mm
Length 3.05mm
Width 1.75mm
Height 1.3mm
Typical Dual Supply Voltage ±1.1 → ±18V
Maximum Operating Temperature +125 °C
Minimum Operating Temperature -40 °C
Typical PSRR 20µV/V
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