RS PRO 200 ml Contact Grease Aerosol for Contacts, Thermoplastics

  • RS庫存編號 494-758
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): GB

Contact Treatment Products - RS

RS PRO offers a range of contact cleaners and treatment products which have been designed to remove or prevent the build-up of oxides and other contaminants on the surface of switches, connectors and other electrical equipment. These types of cleaners can remove dirt, oil and grease from the equipment which ultimately improves the performance by preventing contact failure.
RS PRO contact cleaners are suitable for electronic components, ignition points, electronic controls, and relays and designed to prolong the life span and reliability of electrical contacts by reducing arcing, wear and contact resistance.
Range includes:

  • 554-298 - Edge Connector Cleaning strip, 15 strips per card

  • 494-758 - Contact treatment grease, 200 ml aerosol

  • 917-5914 - Contact treatment grease, 400 ml aerosol

  • 566-730 - Contact treatment grease, 20 ml syringe

  • 503-335 - Contact treatment grease, 35 ml syringe

Contact Treatment Oil - Fluid Pen

A moulded pen containing treatment oil which, by using the nozzle spout, can be accurately placed into switches, relays etc.
The pen can be held in a pocket or an engineer’s case by using the clip attached.

Contact Treatment Grease - Syringe

A solid grease containing no diluents for bulk application on to heavy current terminals, battery posts, sliding contacts and vertical surfaces.
Available in a 20 ml syringe with hand plunger or a 35 ml syringe only compatible with precision liquid dispensers using ’Techcon’ type consumables.

Cleaning Strips

Cleaning strips impregnated with synthetic oil intended to loosen tarnish on edge connectors and contacts whilst applying a protective film.
The strips are rubbed on to the areas where treatment is required.
Strips are supplied 15 to a card, each 75 x 10 mm

RS PRO Contact Treatment Grease, 200 ml aerosol

RS PRO contact treatment grease which has been designed for use on electrical contacts to increase contact performance and lifetime.

Features and Benefits:

  • Improves contact performance by making the contact area more effective

  • Will loosen tarnish and corrosion and leave a protective film to prevent further contamination

  • Suitable for a range of plastics and rubbers

  • Inhibited against oxidation and copper corrosion

  • Great penetration and cooling properties – prevents arcing meaning less contact wear

  • Good mechanical lubrication

Typical Applications

This contact grease can be used on all types of electrical contacts and with most types of thermoplastics.

Attribute Value
Package Size 200 ml
Package Type Aerosol
Application Contacts, Thermoplastics
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