80mm Foam Cotton Bud & Swab, Bag of 500

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  • 製造零件編號 44070
  • 製造商 Chemtronics

Sealed Foam Swabs

Economical swabs for a wide variety of industrial and electronic applications, from general assembly to clean rooms
Highly absorbent and low in particulates
Best solvent retention

Chemtronics Conical Sealed Foam Swabs

The Chemtronics 80mm conical sealed foam swab is made up of reticulated 100 pores per inch medical-grade polyurethane foam which features the best open-cell structure, providing excellent particle entrapment characteristics. The head is thermally bonded to the polypropylene handle without using adhesives. This head tapers to a fine point for precision cleaning of hard to reach areas.

Features and Benefits

Traps surface particles while cleaning Fibreless construction does not generate loose fibres or particles No adhesives or binders are used in the construction Good for tight tolerance work


Removing Contamination from disk drives Micro mechanical cleaning Cleaning and removing excess adhesives and chemical residues Remove flux residue from printed circuit boards

Attribute Value
Application Electronics, Spindle Motors
Number of Buds per Pack 500
Package Type Bag
Bud Material Foam
Stick Material PP
Length 80mm
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HK$ 546.60
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