TE Connectivity, SOLISTRAND Uninsulated, Tin Crimp Pin Connector, 0.3mm² to 1.4mm², 22AWG to 16AWG, 1.8mm Pin Diameter,


TE Connectivity SOLISTRAND Wire Pin Terminals

SOLISTRAND wire pin crimp terminals designed to terminate solid and stranded wire and irregular shaped conductors. The robust design of these SOLISTRAND wire pin terminals enables them to maintain their superior performance characteristics even when used in the most challenging of environments. This design also enables these SOLISTRAND pin terminals to offer a long service. These SOLISTRAND pin terminals are made from fine grade high conductivity copper for optimal electrical performance and are electro tin plated for improved corrosion resistance. The closed barrel has brazed seams for an increased metal strength around the barrel offering resistance to harsh industrial environments. The inner surface of the barrel is serrated for maximum tensile strength and to maximise the electrical contact area after crimping. The resulting ’W’ crimp also allows a more cost effective shorter barrel to be used. The bell shaped barrel entrance of these SOLISTRAND wire pin terminals makes the insertion of wires easier and reduces installation time. For the optimum combination of mechanical strength and electrical conductivity these SOLISTRAND pin terminals are applied to the conductor using associated SOLISTRAND crimping tools which can be purchased separately.

Features and Benefits

• Constructed of fine grade high conductivity copper for optimal electrical performance
• Electro tin plating for improved resistance to corrosion
• Robust design ideal for use in harsh environments
• Brazed seams for increased barrel strength
• Dimpled and serrated barrel for increased electrical performance and tensile strength
• Bell shaped mouth on barrel for quick and easy wire insertion
• 170°C maximum rated for suitability in all standard applications


These SOLISTRAND wire pin terminals are suitable for use in a wide range of applications including the following: materials handling equipment, motors, heavy equipment, pad and pole mount transformers, switchgear, telecommunications, appliances, panel boxes, power supplies and instruments and control.


BS4G178 / UL listed / CSA certified

TE Connectivity SOLISTRAND Terminals and Splices

Attribute Value
Insulation Uninsulated
Minimum Wire Size mm² 0.3mm²
Overall Length 14.4mm
Maximum Wire Size mm² 1.4mm²
Minimum Wire Size AWG 22AWG
Shrouded/Unshrouded Unshrouded
Maximum Wire Size AWG 16AWG
Pin Diameter 1.8mm
Pin Length 6.7mm
Contact Plating Tin
Contact Material Copper
單價 毎盒:1000 個
HK$ 1,740.00
Per Box
Per unit*
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* 參考價格