Wurth Elektronik Plier Crimping Tool

COO (Country of Origin): DE

Wurth Electronik Hand Crimp Tools

A range of hand crimp tools complete with crimping dies, hinged postioner, a four step ratchet action that ensures a full crimp is achieved before automatically opening and a quick release function. The built-in quick release enables the user to open the crimp tool in the event of crimp failiure.
Stock number 847-6717 is a hand crimp tool for use with 1.25mm and 1.50mm WR-WTB female crimp contacts (AWG 32-28)
Stock number 847-6705 is a hand crimp tool for use with 2.00mm (AWG 28-24) and 2.50mm (AWG 28-22) WR-WTB female crimp contacts and also 2.50mm 'J' type WR-WTB female crimp contacts (AWG 30-22)
Stock number 847-6714 is a hand crimp tool for use with 2.00mm WR-WTB dual row female crimp contacts, (AWG 28-26 and AWG 24-22)

Wurth Electronik Wire Strippers and Crimping Tools

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