Chauvin Arnoux P01120663 Current Probe & Clamp


Chauvin Arnoux MiniFLEX MA130 Series Compact Flexible Current Sensors

These compact, lightweight and ergonomic sensors of varying diameters are capable of clamping all types of conductors, whatever their number, dimensions or shape (bars, etc.). Due to their flexibility, they can be used in any location, however cramped. They are ideal for the requirements in both industry and the tertiary sector. Their quick and easy opening/closing system makes them simple to handle even when wearing safety gloves.

MiniFlex® MA130 sensors are equipped with an automatic standby function which can be deactivated at start-up for long-term measuring campaigns. They can now be powered in 2 ways: either by batteries or by an external power supply (standard μUSB socket). On the control unit, the 3 LEDs (green, yellow and red) indicate, the battery status, the status of the automatic standby function and any measurement capacity overshoots. The single phase versions offer 4 measurement calibres, while the 3 phase versions offer 3.

Comprising 3 flexible sensors which can be connected directly to any multimeter, wattmeter or logger. These flexible coils offer the following major advantages: • Current measurement even in places where access is difficult
• Large measurement range
• Bandwidth suitable for industrial frequencies and harmonic analysis
• No saturation effect, so no overheating
• Constant low phase shift appropriate for watt metric measurements

Features and Benefits

• Measuring Range: From 0.5 A to 3 kA • 3 measuring ranges
• Length of the measuring loop (enclosure diameter): 25 cm (Ø7 cm)
• Degree of protection loop/housing: IP67/IP54
• Output Signal: AC voltage
• 3 coaxial connection cables with 1 safety BNC connector each
• Power Supply: 2 batteries 1.5 V AA or external via μUSB Type B 5 V
• Battery Operating Time: 500 hours
• 600 V CAT IV

Supplied with

3 flexible current sensors, 2 x 1.5 V AA / LR6 alkaline batteries, 1 user manual in 5 languages, 1 safety datasheet, 1 verification certificate, 1 set of coloured rings for identifying/fool proofing the cables and 3 female BNC / 4 mm male plug adapters

Attribute Value
Maximum Conductor Size 70mm
Safety Category CAT III 600 V, CAT IV 600 V
Safety Category Level CAT III, CAT IV
Model Number p MA130-250
Best Accuracy 1 %
Safety Category Voltage 600V
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HK$ 7,726.58
Per unit
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