Xcelite by Weller 127 mm Straight Electronic Cutter for Copper Wire


Xcelite® electronics cutters

Precision, lightweight cutters for cutting thin wires in the electronics field
With comfortable plastic grips and opening spring

Xcelite by Weller 170NM Micro Shears

Introducing the 170NM from Xcelite by Weller, these low profile general-purpose cutters that offer flush cuts on soft wire up to 0.8 mm. The 170NM micro shears offer ergonomic handles with ESD protection. Constructed from high carbon steel it ensures durability and longevity when working day to day. A return spring keeps the shears open for when you need to cut a wire it's ready for use.

Features and Benefits

• 127 mm Long Micro Shears

• Cuts soft wire up to 0.8 mm

• ESD Protected

• Ergonomic handles

• Superior blade bypass cutting action


What material is this suitable?

These shears are suited to soft wire cutting only otherwise, you risk damaging the blades.

Attribute Value
Type Flush Cutters
Overall Length 127 mm
ESD Safe Yes
Maximum Cutting Capacity 0.8mm
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單價 個
HK$ 111.95
Per unit
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