Dormer Cutting Fluid 400 g Bottle

  • RS庫存編號 196-3441
  • 製造零件編號 SUPERCUT 400G
  • 製造商 Dormer
COO (Country of Origin): GB

Dormer Supercut Cutting Fluid, 400g Bottle

Supercut cutting lubricant from Dormer comes in a 400g bottle and is a hand applied metal cutting fluid for use on all metals. This cutting fluid helps to reduce heat that is caused by friction to give a great surface finish and helps extend the life of the cutter.

Cutting fluids are very important in machining processes and should have good cooling and lubricating properties. These fluids can be used as either a coolant or lubricant during various metalworking and machining techniques on both the material being worked and the tools working it. By using cutting fluids the following can be achieved, longer tool life by preventing rust and corrosion, reducing scrap and producing parts with the desired surface quality.

Features and Benefits:

Appearance: yellow liquid supplied in a 400g bottle
Excellent cutting performance
Higher viscosity formula
Excellent adhesion to tool - longer tool life
Mineral oil-free
Does not contain sulphur
Low odour fluid, solvent-free formula
Fluid can be used on all metals
Non CFC/HCFC aerosol with low viscosity formula
5L version is also available RS stock number 340-9573

Typical Applications

Cutting fluids provide lubrication and cooling and are generally applied while the machining or cutting operation is taking place. The fluid cools the work piece and tool by carrying away the heat generated during machining. Cutting fluids act as a lubricant at the friction areas, which increases the tool life. Examples of operations where cutting fluids are used include:

Why can’t water be used as a cutting fluid?
Cutting fluid is used to cool the cutter down and lubricate the cutting surface. If water is used it will boil off and it will not lubricate. Water will also cause corrosion problems for the cutter.

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Trade Name Supercut
Package Size 400 g
Product Category Fluid
Package Type Bottle
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