STMicroelectronics ULN2801A Octal Darlington Pair, 500 mA 50 V HFE:1000, 18-Pin DIP


Darlington Transistor Arrays, STMicroelectronics

Darlington transistor power drivers are high-voltage, high-current switch arrays containing multiple open-collector Darlington pairs and integral suppression diodes for inductive loads. The high current rating of each output is 500 mA or higher. The inputs are pinned opposite the outputs in the IC package to simplify the application board layout. The interface is standard logic level for TTL or CMOS.

Darlington Transistor Drivers

Attribute Value
Maximum Continuous Collector Current 500 mA
Maximum Collector Emitter Voltage 50 V
Package Type DIP
Mounting Type Through Hole
Pin Count 18
Transistor Configuration Common Emitter
Number of Elements per Chip 8
Minimum DC Current Gain 1000
Maximum Collector Emitter Saturation Voltage 1.6 V
Base Current 25mA
Maximum Operating Temperature +150 °C
Length 23.24mm
Height 3.676mm
Minimum Operating Temperature -20 °C
Maximum Power Dissipation 2.25 W
Dimensions 23.24 x 7.1 x 3.676mm
Width 7.1mm
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