RS PRO, 12 V dc, 300 mNm DC Geared Motor, Output Speed 29 rpm

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  • 製造商 RS PRO

33mm 12/24Vdc Geared Motor: IG33

Designed for applications such as vending machines, magnetic card readers, printer mechanisms, actuators and all types of coin control systems
Fitted with an all metal gearhead with sintered iron gears running on hardened steel shafts. The output shaft runs in sintered bronze bearings
Five pole armature with VDR suppression


RS Pro 12 V DC Geared Motor IG33, 33mm

From RS Pro, this DC geared motor is ideal for low speed applications that require high starting torque. The brushed motor ensure a low cost and simplified design, while offering versatility and reliability.

A robust unit with a high quality five pole armature, this DC motor is fitted with an all metal gearhead with sintered iron gears running on hardened steel shafts. With a spur gearbox, the output shaft runs in sintered bronze bearings, that facilitate high torque transfer from the motor through the gearbox.

The gear motorfeautres a durable cosntruction, and is designed for most low voltage applications, providing a 29 rpm no-load speed.

Features and Benefits

• 12 V dc Supply Voltage
• Sintered bronze bearings
• Spur gear head
• Five pole armature with VDR suppression


DC geared motors are highly versatile, and are used in many appliances and technologies. Whether you're a hobbyist or industrial manufacturer, DC electric motors can be used to provide any number of practical solutions. This particualr motor is designed for applications such as;

• Vending machines
• Magnetic card readers
• Printer mechanisms
• Actuators
• All types of coin control systems

What's the Difference Between Brushed and Brushless DC Motors?

Electric motors that use a brush to deliver current to the motor windings have a simpler construction than their brushless equivalents, and are therefore usually lower in cost. They are also able to be wired directly to a DC power source, and have no need for an encoder or drive, which results in more simplified wiring options.

Unfortunately, wear and tear on the brush element means a shorter service life and less efficiency. They are also typically noisier than brushless DC motors.

Why RS Pro?

RS Pro strives to provide you with the choice and reliability you need in your component purchasing. From designing prototypes to finding reliable maintenance solutions, RS Pro can furnish you with the parts you need, when you need them.

Providing high-quality hardware tested by our in-house experts, RS Pro offers you an assurance of quality at competitive prices.

At every stage of the design and manufacturing process, RS Pro is there to support you.

Attribute Value
Output Speed 29 rpm
Supply Voltage 12 V dc
Maximum Output Torque 300 mNm
Shaft Diameter 5mm
Gearhead Type Spur
Length 62.3mm
Width 27.7mm
Core Construction Iron Core
單價 個
HK$ 386.90
Per unit
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