Parker, DC Motor Controller, 1 Phase, Potentiometer Control, 110 120 V ac, 220 240 V ac, 12 A

  • RS庫存編號 197-7456
  • 製造零件編號 508-00-20-00
  • 製造商 Parker
COO (Country of Origin): GB

SSD 506, 507 & 508 Speed Controllers

Compact non-isolated motor speed control modules for dc. shunt wound and permanent magnet field motors.

DIN rail mounting
Suitable for 110//120 or 220/240V single phase ac. supplies (switch selectable)
Fully isolated heatsink
Control signals available for zero speed, drive health and speed trim
Adjustable speed ramp up and ramp down times (1-15 secs)
Adjustable motor maximum and minimum speed limits
Adjustable armature current limit (0-100%)
Adjustable I.R. compensation (for armature voltage feedback control)
Switch selectable speed range
Switch selectable feedback mode either tacho-generator or armature voltage
Torque control of the motor is achieved by regulation of the armature current
Stall timer will isolate the motor current after 15 seconds to prevent the motor overheating
Inbuilt protection devices, high energy transient suppression, fuseless overcurrent protection above 200% overload
IP20 protection rating


The mains supply must be fused.

Attribute Value
Supply Voltage 110 120 V ac, 220 240 V ac
Current Rating 12 A
Voltage Rating 210 V dc
Compatible Motor Type Permanent Magnet, Shunt
Control Input Potentiometer
Mounting Style DIN Rail Mount
Phase 1
Length 105mm
Width 140mm
Depth 90mm
Dimensions 105 x 140 x 90 mm
Operating Temperature Range 0 +40 °C
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