Time Electronic 1061 Decade Box, Decade Box Type Resistance, Resistance Resolution 1Ω

COO (Country of Origin): GB

Time Electronics Model 1061 Resistance Decade Box

Time Electronics 1061 is a low-cost, robust resistance decade box designed to meet requirements for educational and industrial applications. Metal film resistors with a 0.75W power rating are used throughout, conferring the advantages of stability and low temperature coefficient. Six large switches with clear numerical readout enhance ease-of-use. Slim-line design minimises take-up of bench space. 1% accuracy and wide range facilitate production or select-on-test usage. The case provides complete electrostatic screening. Resistance is selected by dialling the required value, using the rotary switches. This enables precise setting with clear unambiguous indication.

Number of decades = 6
Range/resolution 1.2 MΩ / 1Ω steps
Accuracy ±1%
In-line readout
Low temperature coefficient, 100 ppm/°C
Residual resistance <150 mΩ
Power rating 0.75W per resistor
Voltage Rating: Maximum 300 V DC/AC RMS
Mechanically and electrically robust
Front panel safety terminals (compatible with 4mm shrouded plugs, standard plugs, bare wires, spade terminals)
Fully screened
Dimensions 355(W) x 63(H) x 82(D) mm, weight 0.75kg

Attribute Value
Decade Box Type Resistance
Resistance Resolution
Best Maximum Resistance Accuracy ±1%
Residual Resistance 150mΩ
Power Rating 0.75W
Temperature Coefficient 100ppm/°C
Dimensions 82 x 355 x 63mm
Height 63mm
Minimum Resistance Measurement
Length 82mm
Width 355mm
Absolute Maximum Resistance Measurement 1.2MΩ
Weight 750g
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