Weller 70 01 53 7mm Hot Air Desoldering Nozzle for use with Pyropen Piezo Soldering Iron

  • RS庫存編號 161-9964
  • 製造零件編號 T0051614399
  • 製造商 Weller
COO (Country of Origin): DE

Pyropen piezo soldering iron

Weller offers a comprehensive range of soldering tips for use with Pyropen Piezo soldering irons (RS 250-3898, 176-6870). These tips are extremely reliable and can increase solder process productivity which provides great cost efficiency and less rework caused by poor solder points or faulty tools. Every soldering tip is designed for a specific application and the types include the most common shapes which include conical and chisel.
These Weller soldering tips are available in various tip types, forms and sizes. This range includes the following soldering iron tips:

  • 161-9958 - T0051612599, 70 01 06 Straight Conical Soldering Iron Tip

  • 161-9964 - T0051614399, 70 01 53, 7mm Hot Air Desoldering Nozzle

  • 161-9986 - T0051613299, 70 01 13, 5mm Straight Chisel Soldering Iron Tip

  • 161-9992 - T0051613099, 70 01 11, 8mm Straight Chisel Soldering Iron Tip

  • 162-2409 - T0051615899, 7001 54 Soldering Iron Reflector

  • 162-8104 - T0051612499, 70 01 05, 0.5mm Straight Conical Soldering Iron Tip

  • 162-9810 - T0051614199, 70 01 51, 3.3mm Hot Air Desoldering Nozzle

  • 660-911 - T0051612399, 70 01 04, 2mm Straight Hoof Soldering Iron Tip

Features and Benefits:

Powered by gas, this iron has an autonomy of 3 hours per filling and a heat up time of approximately 30 seconds. It is fully autonomous, thanks to its ignition button.
Temperature range between 200 and 500 °C is controlled by increasing and decreasing the gas flow. Power supplied: 80 W.
This set is supplied with a carry case, a 3 mm tip, a hot air nozzle and a gas recharge kit.

Typical Applications:

Soldering is the process used to build a soldering connection by using the heated tip of a soldering iron to melt soldering wire. The soldering tips are available in many different sizes and tip shapes, dependant on the application they are being used for. They are used to melt solder wire to connect two elements or components together to create a permanent connection and are often utilised in an electronics or manufacturing capacity as they often need to be conductive. The process of soldering is most commonly used by:

  • DIY enthusiasts

  • Plumbers

  • Electricians

  • Vehicle technicians

Soldering is often used for:
  • General wiring applications

  • Electrical repair work at home, in factories or for vehicles


How long do soldering iron tips last for?

If high quality iron tips are used, they can last for years with the proper care and cleaning.

Gas - Weller

Attribute Value
Model Number 70 01 53
Type Hot Air
Nozzle Size 7mm
For Use With Pyropen Piezo Soldering Iron
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HK$ 181.61
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