RS PRO 20 mm, 25 mm diameter HSS Die Holder, 417 mm

  • RS庫存編號 264-8345
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): DE

Conduits, Stocks & Dies

Professional quality conduits, stock & dies for the repair and creation of uniform threads. Set available (RS 264-8345) for complete solution including a stock with removable handle, 20 and 25mm dies and 20 and 25mm guides.

RS PRO Die Set, 20 & 25 mm

This die set from our own brand RS PRO is a powerful and versatile die set, ideal for threading various materials such as steel. This durable die set features 2 dies with 20 & 25 mm diameters with matching guides, ensuring precise and clean threads. This set also features a high quality die stock and removable handles for enhanced torque and control, with the ability to detached for storage. This compact die set is supplied in a durable carry case, ensuring excellent protection when not in use.

Features and benefits

• High quality and durable kit
• 2 dies with 20 & 25 mm diameters
• Matching guides for clean and precise threading
• High quality die cast
• Removable handles for enhanced torque and control
• Durable carry case for safe storage


Die sets are a type of hand tool designed for cutting thread in a range of materials such as steel. Die sets feature die heads in various sizes to accommodate a range of applications, with many offering additional extras such as blocking vices and reducers to stabilise the threading process. Die sets are often used in conjunction with tap sets and tap wrenches to create a clean and secure thread fitting. Die sets are commonly used in applications such as:

• Electrical servicing
• Automotive
• Plumbing


What thread range is this suitable for?

This die set is suitable for thread sizes 20 & 25 mm.

Are there guides included?

Yes, this die set includes 2 guides, 1 to match each die.

How to use a die set

With a hand held die set, select the required die head and secure it in to the die cast. Once securely in place simply place the die set onto the material to be threaded and gently rotate. As it rotates, the die will begin to cut a thread into the material. It is recommended to back the die off half a turn to remove debris after every two full turns.

Should I lubricate the die set?

It is recommended that lubrication is regularly applied to the die set when in use, to allow for friction free threading with precision. This will ensure that a clean thread is achieved with minimal damage.

What is the difference between a tap and die?

A tap set is used to create or repair threads in holes which is ideal for things such as nuts and fittings, this process is called tapping. Die sets are used to cut threads on materials such as steel to allow a fitting to be screwed on and attached, this is called threading.

Attribute Value
Die Diameter 20 mm, 25 mm
Overall Length 417 mm
Material HSS
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HK$ 699.36
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