Murata LED Digital Ammeter 3.5-Digits AC ±0.4 % 0°C to +60°C, 53.34 x 44.45 mm


ACA-20RM - True-RMS-AC Ammeter with CT Input

The ACA-20RM series of AC-ammeters have a built-in transformer (CT) that directly measures the true-rms value of complex, non-sinusoidal AC currents from 2 to 50A.

Easy-to-read, red LED display with 9.4mm digits
Built-in CT's provide true-rms values of complex waveforms
Perfect for measuring AC current in IT applications
Input ranges from 0-0.2A to 0-50A
50A Models features a split-core CT for easy installation
Power supply options of 85-140V or 170-264V
Self-powered from 85-140 Vac or 170-264 Vac
Reliable single-board construction
Digital replacement for analogue meters

Murata Power Solutions Series

Attribute Value
Current Type AC
Cutout Height 44.45mm
Cutout Width 53.34mm
Display Type LED
Number of Digits 3.5
Analogue Effect Digits Only
Depth 6.35mm
Meter Accuracy ±0.4 %
Minimum Temperature 0°C
Maximum Temperature +60°C
30 現貨庫存,可於3工作日發貨。
單價 個
HK$ 800.55
Per unit
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