Schneider Electric PM5000 LCD Digital Power Meter, 3 Phase

COO (Country of Origin): IN

Schneider Electric Power Meters - Basic Multi-function - PM5000 Series

Providing an ideal solution for cost management applications, the PM5000 Series features measurement capabilities needed to allocate energy usage, perform tenant metering and sub-billing, pinpoint energy savings, optimise equipment efficiency and utilisation as well as perform a high-level assessment of the power quality of an electrical network.

  • Each unit within this range is 96 x 96 mm, they all have a modern, graphical display

  • All three phases, neutral and ground can be monitored simultaneously

  • Features bright, anti-glare display accompanied by large characters and powerful backlighting which is great for reading even when within extreme lighting conditions and viewing angles

  • The menus are very easy to understand with 8 selectable languages, the menu also has graphics and icons to make learning about your electrical network more visually friendly

  • Each device has a global billing certification

  • Super easy to install, the power meter mounts using two clips - no tools are required

  • Even easier to operate with intuitive navigation

  • Suitable for a wealth of applications including circuit breaker monitoring and control, cost management (sub billing/tenant metering & cost allocation), Network management (basic power monitoring, min/max monitoring with timestamp), Alarming and WAGES monitoring

Schneider Electric Digital Power Meter - METSEPM5110

  • Most commonly used for power monitoring

  • Features a power quality analysis up to the 15th harmonic

  • Has several different types of power measurment, measured in active and reactive power, energy, power factor, frequency, voltage and current

  • The supply voltage is 125...250 V DC and 100...415 V AC (45...65 Hz)

  • Network frequency is 60 Hz/50 Hz

  • Rated current is 5A & 1A

  • Type of network - 1P + N, 3P and 3P + N

  • The maximum power consumption is 10 VA at 415 V

  • Flush mounting and 1 digital output

What are the benefits of using a digital power meter compared to an analogue power meter?

Yes, there is a multitude of benefits. One of the biggest being that a digital power meter provides a continuous and instantaneous reading. Commonly, analogue power meters are used for the same purpose as a digital meter but are distinctly more difficult to read and understand, hence why qualified technicians are a more popular choice when it comes to taking meter readings. Digital power meters are usually integrated to share usage measurements and data to utility suppliers enabling to be easier and more convenient for both the energy user and energy company to give accurate readings.

Attribute Value
Display Type LCD
Number of Phases 3
Depth 72mm
Meter Accuracy ±0.005 (Power Factor) %, ±0.05 (Frequency) %, ±0.5 (Active Energy) %, ±0.5 (Active Power) %, ±0.5 (Apparent Power) %, ±0.5 (Current) %, ±0.5 (Voltage) %, ±2 (Reactive Energy) %
Minimum Temperature -25°C
Maximum Temperature +70°C
Maximum Measurement 9 A, 65 Hz, 400 (Phase and Neutral) V ac, 690 (Phase) V ac
Measurement Range 10 mA → 9 A, 20 → 400 (Phase and Neutral) V ac, 35 → 690 (Phase) V ac, 45 → 65 Hz
Meter Type Electromechanical
Series PM5000
Minimum Measurement 10 mA, 20 (Phase and Neutral) V ac, 35 (Phase) V ac, 45 Hz
Approvals CE Conforming to IEC 61010-1c, CULus Conforming to UL 61010-1, EN 50470-1, EN 50470-3, IEC 60529, IEC 61557-12, IEC 62053-22, IEC 62053-24
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