digital temperature-logging module with

  • RS庫存編號 187-5672
  • 製造零件編號 DTM 5081
  • 製造商 Electrotherm
COO (Country of Origin): DE

The temperature-logging module type DTM5081is connected to the computer via a USB-cable (USB/MUSB). One channel is well suitable for transmitting the data recorded by temperature-resistance sensors such as Pt100/1000, Ni100/1000 as well as by other types of resistance sensors up to a maximum value of 2.1kΩ. The purpose of the second channel is to transmit the temperature values supplied by thermocouples. Finally, the corresponding temperature or resistance value is output. A data acquisition program supplied by the manufacturer records the measurement values and stores them if required. Due to the control via simple characters, the data can also be recorded using programming languages like C or Visual Basic without any problem. The module is characterised particularly by its high accuracy and ease of handling and, furthermore, a very reasonable price. It has been designed for accurate measurements in a wide temperature range. A high overall accuracy of the device is achieved through the connection of the sensor using four-wire technology and the use of a precise sensor. For the thermocouple channel, the reference junction compensation is carried out internally. A neutral miniature thermocouple socket establishes the connection, which allows a large number of thermocouple types to be included. The resolution of the device is 0.01K for the resistance sensors, and 0.1K for the thermocouples.

Attribute Value
Absolute Maximum Temperature Measurement +170 (Ni1000TK6180) °C, +200 (Ni1000TK5000) °C, +250 (Ni100TK6180) °C, +260 (Ni100TK5000) °C, +300 (PT1000/R2K) °C, +400 (Type T) °C, +600 (Type U) °C, +850 (PT100/R380) °C, +850 (Type E) °C, +900 (Type L) °C, +1120 (Type J) °C, +1300 (Type N) °C, +1370 (Type K) °C, +1760 (Type R) °C, +1760 (Type S) °C, +1810 (Type B) °C, +2320 (Type C) °C
Thermometer Type Recording
Best Accuracy ±0.02 K, ±0.05 K
Number of Temperature Inputs 2
Resolution 0.01 K, 0.1 K
Data Storage Yes
Length 50mm
Width 55mm
Height 16mm
Dimensions 50 x 55 x 16mm
Model Number p DTM 5081
Weight 40g
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單價 個
HK$ 1,392.69
Per unit
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